*Location : Dimsum restaurant, Tsing Yi mall, Hong Kong

*Occasion : It was my departure day. We had some great food during my short stay but I couldn’t leave without have some dimsum. Sunday morning, in Tsing Yi mall. Very interesting thing is that this mall is quite fancy and also the restaurant, yet there was a lot of senior citizens of Tsing Yi. It looked very sweet and I feel like a local.

We share a table with a sweet old couple. Ordering was quite a challenge because even thought it was quite a big restaurant just one person could speak English. Phew!

There was some kind of misunderstanding with each other, so we get our dimsum late but it was totally worth it. Oh my, those were the best dimsum I’ve ever had. Mmmm!

Affordable, delicious, pretty looking restaurant. It was a perfect way to sum up my short visit to Hong Kong. Mmmm.. Am I hungry now or what!?



4 thoughts on “Runaway Photo: Dim Sum in Hong Kong”

  1. Great shot of the restaurant! Looks like you managed to get your food, despite the communication barrier. I assumed most people in Hong Kong spoke English. Is that not the case?

    1. I thought so too,but that’s why I liked it more cause I feel like a local. 😉 English is like a basic second language to them but not 100% I assume.

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