The first dinner at Albany, New York was at Yono’s, just like I mentioned in the last post, and yes, I had to write a single post for this place. Obviously, I’m not an expert of food to use appropriate terms, but no need to be one to express my appreciation for the fine meal.

It took a long time to just scan through Yono’s menu. Not because there were lots of choices, mainly because there were so many great foods that we wanted to try.

So, how did we choose what we want? We went for Four Course Summer Tasting Menu paired with wine.


I want to say what did I feel from the whole experience first. Every single dish was outstanding. Distinct character of Yono’s dish is its complexity. Just like what they are describing their meal as ‘Indonesian Cuisine with French Presentation’, it has subtle Asian flavour in western style cuisine. But non of those stand out too much to block others. It is very complex.


Luckily, we had a chance to talk to Yono. He is from Indonesia and working in the US for thirty something years. It was honour to talk to someone who creates the wonderful culinary world.


My photos of the food will speak louder than my writing. You are more than welcome to blame me for making you hungry!!  🙂

Menu at Yono's

Amuse Bouche

This was the single most complex foods in the smallest portion. We all hesitated to touch the dish… I mean, look at this, how beautiful it is!


Yono's Amuse Bouche

Poke of Yellowfin Tuna

– with Candelnuts, Ginger, Sesame & Hass Avocado


Yono's Poke of Yellowfin Tuna

Tilapia a la Plancha

– with Summer Herb Risotto, Lemongrass Beurre Blanc, Watercress Puree


Yono's for dinner



Grilled New Zealand Rack of Lamb

– with Green Curry Coconut Milk Sauce, Indonesian Stir Fried Rice

Lirac, Domaine de Joncier; Rhone 2009 was very compatible of the dish.


Yono's Grilled New Zealand Rack Lamb

A pile of Desert

French Vanilla Cheesecake

Indonesian Pot De Creme with Coconut Milk & Palm Sugar

Chocolate Rendezvous

Madagascar Vanilla Creme Brulee


& two kinds of desert wine of our choice


Yono's desert


Yono's desert


Wine at Yono's


Yono's desert wine

*Special thanks to Albany Convention and Visitor’s Bureau & Yono’s restaurant for the wonderful dinner at Albany!

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Aqua duck tour in Albany

10 thoughts on “Four Course Summer Tasting at Yono’s – Albany, New York”

  1. Yep, I am definitely hungrier now than when I first started reading this post 🙂

    Aside from how freaking good all that food looks it is also BEAUTIFUL. I want all my dinners to look like that from now on.

  2. As you all can probably tell, it is incredibly difficult to pick a favorite dish out of the bunch. However, the tilapia was particularly outstanding to me, and that creme brulee was a perfect finish to a wonderful dinner.

    Good food, good meat. Come on- let’s eat!

  3. Delicious looking meals, I might stick to the rack of lamb and desserts, can never have to many desserts. What an interesting resturarnt to eat at. great ambiance too.

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