#I’m writing in a photography post format because I want to show you how beautiful this place is with a full size photography.


Treat Yourself in the Pyrenees: Can Rigall


✪Location: 20 minute drive from Arles-sur-Tech, France. There’s no public transportation to get to the property, only by a car.

✪Internet Access: Wi-Fi works in the property, but the weather decides the connection. It’s pretty good to have a connection 800m up in the mountain.

✪Room: Room has an amazing view of the Pyrenees, in every direction. You’ll go to sleep with the darkest night sky and wake up by a glowing sunlight. The bed was one of the most comfortable ones I’ve ever slept.

✪Travel information: staffs can point out all the great viewpoints, hiking trails and bike paths.

✪Other service: the outdoor pool has the best view.

✪The best about Can Rigall: they are focusing on responsible travel.


Our three days in Can Rigall was almost magical. Everything about this place looks like pop out right from the fairytale. Simply, it’s a beautiful place. Literally, we were the only people in the region whilst surrounded by beautiful nature. The only road leads up to Can Rigall is a private road belongs to them, and the surrounding trekking and biking paths are open just for us. No need to shove people aside to see the sunrise. Spend an afternoon sitting in the outdoor pool with the panoramic view of Pyrenees. We went to sleep while watching the beautiful night sky and woke up by warm-bright touch of sunlight. What an amazing experience that is.



Responsible Travel


The reason why I support Can Rigall is not just because it’s a beautiful place; they are focusing on ‘responsible travel’. The estate generates its energy from renewable sources combining solar, wind and biofuel. Not only the energy, but also all the food and wine are from the local farms, in the Pyrenees. Even their amazing outdoor swimming pool is carved from a natural rock. Can Rigall is following the natural way of living from the ancient time that today go by names like organic, bio-dynamic, sustainable, free-range and chemical free. Quote and quote, ‘as a showcase boutique hotel we’re leading the way in responsible travel, sustainable travel and green travel with the largest privately owned solar park in Languedoc-Roussillon.’

Vegetable garden at Can Rigall
Vegetable garden at Can Rigall


The History


When you enter Can Rigall, you’ll notice that this is not an ordinary hotel building. Its high ceiling with the stonewalls, old looking window frames and the unique interior… You’re right, it’s different. The building is over 300-year old. They restored a 300-year old Catalan farmstead; it is showing its history with the original stonewalls and authentic interior.



The Food


Helle, the manager and cook, ‘cooks like an angel’ according to our fellow customer, and she was right. Every night she prepared the dinner for us with full of surprises. Nice food presentation, beautiful table setting, gourmet cuisine accompany with an exquisite local wine. No one can blame me that I was waiting for the dinnertime all day long. Everything on the table is from local farms and their own vegetable garden. Not only dinner, but also breakfast helped us to start the day with a very good mood. It is a typical European breakfast buffet, but the quality of meat, fruits and cheese was unbeatable.




Romantic dinner table
Romantic dinner table setting


Helle cooking at Can Rigall
Helle cooking in the kitchen


Wild boar pate
Wild boar pate with marinated onion


Duck config and peas with rosemary and bacon
Duck config and peas with rosemary and bacon


The Nature


If you like hiking, biking and walking, there are plenty of places to go around Can Rigall. To see the majestic panoramic view of the Pyrenees and the seaside, you can hike up to the viewpoint about an hour away from Can Rigall. You’ll be surrounded by quiet forest and a great view along the way. Everything is well marked for the customers. It was a very impressive view when I looked down Can Rigall from the top. They couldn’t be more remote. Also there are several bike paths that you can go.


If you are not a fan of physical activities, you can also snuggle in front of the fireplace and drink a glass of wine or two. In summer, I highly recommend to sit near the outdoor swimming pool.



The Room


Oh yes, the room. Like I mentioned in the start of this post, the bed was one of the most comfortable ones I’ve ever slept on. The rooms at Can Rigall were the classic definition of ‘the room with a view’.  The Pyrenees on the back, the vegetable garden and outdoor swimming pool were making my view perfect. It’s hard not to be around ‘the sound’ these days, but in Can Rigall the silence is what you’ll get. Also the name of each room has a special meaning.


‘The last farmers at Can Rigall left in 1955 and some of our room names come from the stories told by family members still living in Arles-sur-Tech. Other rooms are named after the wider regional history of Languedoc-Roussillon. Which happens to be quite a long one: human bones dating back to 680,000 BC were found near Tautavel in the region, making the Tautavel man one of the first known Europeans. Later, in medieval times, Languedoc became the center of European religious history and still fuels ancient myths and beliefs today.’ 


Can Rigall Hotel room
The room at Can Rigall


The View of the room at Can Rigall
The view of the room at Can Rigall


Over all, staying at Can Rigall for three days was the once in a lifetime experience for me. I got to taste the true southern France. If you are planning your next summer getaway, consider visiting southern France and staying at Can Rigall. You will be surprised.



Can Rigall's outdoor pool
Can Rigall’s outdoor pool

Can Rigall view - French Pyrenees
French Pyrenees
Kitchen door of Can Rigall
Can Rigall view
The view of Pyrenees and outdoor pool
Grapes on the roof
Grapes on the roof
Can Rigall's outdoor pool
Can Rigall’s outdoor pool at sunrise
Can Rigall from afar
Can Rigall at sunrise from afar
Sunrise at Can Rigall
Sunrise at Can Rigall
Sunrise at Can Rigall
Sunrise at Can Rigall from afar

Great sunset at Can Rigall
Great sunset at French Pyrenees


#Disclosure: I was a guest of Can Rigall . All views expressed here are my own honest opinions and do not reflect the views of Can Rigall.

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  1. It looks like Can Rigall has it all! The food looked divine and the view from your room was beautiful. I’m heading to France and Spain next year so I’ll be sure to check out the area and hopefully take some great sunrise and sunset photos as well.

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