Runaway Photo: Cameron Highlands Tea Country, Malaysia

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April 30, 2013
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May 7, 2013

Runaway Photo: Cameron Highlands Tea Country, Malaysia

Boh Tea Centre in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

A Very Special Visit to Cameron Highlands

Visiting the Cameron Highlands is like going to the Vatican City as a Catholic. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the feeling of what I wanted to share. I’m a big tea drinker. Ever since my friend Diana introduced me the world of tea + milk with PG Tips, it has been a huge part of my daily ritual. Once, I explained why the daily ritual was important for long-term travelers, and said my ritual was drinking tea every morning.   Ever since I came back to Malaysia, I drank two or three cups of teh tarik (pulled tea). One of the biggest joys is  being back in the tea-loving country.

I first got to know Malaysian tea culture in 2006, when I first visited here. I saw the packets of Boh tea from time to time, but I didn’t think that it was a big deal before I got to know that was what people used to make teh tarik.

Tea can do wonders.

I went back to Malaysia in 2011, to Borneo that time. I hung out at local tea shop everyday, enjoying tea and dimsum. Afternoon tea was an important part of the people of Malaysia. I came back to Korea with a big bag of Boh classic tea. It was wonderful 80 days.

Now I’m back in Malaysia, and writing an update from Cameron Highlands, the tea country. I visited two different tea plantations in the region: Cameron Valley Bharat Tea, and BOH Sungei Palas Tea Centre. Seeing the green wave of tea made me warm and happy. The landscape was stunning, of course, but seeing the origin place of what I admire so much for the first time, was a special feeling. I had a hard time controlling myself in the tea shop, but I reminded myself the size of my backpack I have to carry for next few months.


#You don’t need to take a tour bus to get to these tea plantations. To Bharat, you can walk (4km from the town of Tanah Rata) or take a taxi (usually RM10 one way). To Boh, you can take a local bus from the bus station (goes every two hours, starting 6:30am) to Sungei Palas (RM4, one way) and walk 3km from there. It is a long walk, but the view is the best along the way.


Looking down Boh Sungei Palas Tea Centre

Looking at the wonderful view of the tea plantation

Boh Sungei Palas Tea Centre

Boh Sungei Palas Tea Centre

Boh Sungei Palas Tea Centre

The view of tea plantation at Boh Sungei Palas

Boh Sungei Palas Tea Centre

Tea plantation at Boh is spread wide

Boh Sungei Palas Tea Centre

Boh Sungei Palas Tea Centre

Workers are taking a break

Workers at the field is taking a break: only selected kinds of tea are collected by hand, most of the job is done by machines.

The view of Boh Sungei Palas Tea Centre

This is the view of walking path, in a lot of parts of Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Valley Bharat tea plantation field

Cameron Valley Bharat tea plantation field

Cameron Valley Bharat tea plantation field

Cameron Valley Bharat tea plantation field

Cameron Valley Bharat tea plantation field

Cameron Valley Bharat tea plantation field

Tea leaves at Cameron Valley tea plantation field

Young leaves at Cameron Valley Bharat tea plantation field

Juno Kim
Juno Kim
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  1. Lann says:

    This Cameron Highland’s tea plantation view is always breathtaking. Great view while having an evening tea at the restaurant. I just hope the place and chilly temperature will preserved and survive forever.

  2. Stephen says:

    Beautiful photos! I love tea too and visiting the CH was a highlight for me as well. Wonderful experience to sip tea and look at that view!

  3. Okay, this is too much! I promise I’ll pay this place a visit soon! I know I’m going to love it! 🙂

  4. Andi says:

    What a magnificent place! Definitely adding to my Bucket List!!!

  5. jenjenk says:

    DARN IT!! i decided to cut this part out for my upcoming trip and now i’m starting to regret it!

  6. Lynne Nieman says:

    Gorgeous images, Juno! Definitely have the Cameron Highlands on my “list” now for sure. Enjoy that tea. And have a few cups for me!!

  7. Charu says:

    Beautiful shots…I love tea plantations and have visited several in India…would love to do this one day.

  8. I went there with my British hubby a couple of years ago and he said this must be where English people go once they died. He really thought this was heaven. 🙂

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