Day0_Angel Flight Outback Trailblazer
Outback Trailblazer 2015 [Day 0] Official Kickoff at Quilpie
May 5, 2015
Outback Trailblazer [Day 1] Furthest Town from Sea, Dinosaurs, and Giggles
May 7, 2015

Curried Camel Pie at Birdsville Bakery

Birdsville bakery: Curried camel pie

Birdsville bakery: Curried camel pie

The famous curried camel pie at Birdsville Bakery.

Juno Kim
Juno Kim
Juno Kim, Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Juno set off for the wider world to pursue her passion for travel and storytelling. She traveled the world as an award-winning travel blogger and photographer, witnessing the everyday life of different cultures. Currently based in Anchorage, Alaska and exploring this amazing Last Frontier. Follow my journey through @RunawayJuno and Instagram .

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