February 14, 2014

Runaway Photo: The Day I Saw Northern Lights in the Arctic

Northern Lights in the Alaskan Arctic The luck came to me once, in Iceland. Seeing aurora (aurora borealis, or northern lights) was high on my list of things to do since I was a kid, and it finally happened years […]
February 5, 2011

Templestay, Homesick, and Milkyway

I am at Hwaumsa for a templestay and I am feeling the universe. I was expecting some level of awesomeness but not this much. Between an evening pray session and bed time which is 9pm, is a free time. Some […]
October 31, 2010

The very first Observatory in Korea

In the history, in many countries, Astronomy is actually a very big part. Comets, planets, shooting stars…. These astronomical phenomenals are considered as a sign from above. It appears in Bible, ancient Egypt stories, Greek myth and so on and […]
October 24, 2010

Draw a Heart with a Stranger

Despite the title, this is not about romance. I’m sorry guys. Well, this is another #AstronomySunday article. The best astronomical experiences are in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. That is one great spot for stargazing and astronomical photography. Trust me. Unexpectedly, […]
August 29, 2010

Dancing with the stars!

This is my, our first #AstronomySunday. It was something  Giulia Cimarosti  (@giuliaccia ) suggested. Since she and I loves astronomy so much, she suggested to me to create another hash tag fun and I couldn’t agree more! I thought about it for […]
April 24, 2010

Surreal Southern Night sky.

  I’m proudly say I am quite an Amateur astronomer. One of the reasons I choose New Zealand to my very first backpacking abroad was the curious of southern night sky..   I do Astronomy photography as well. Trail photography is […]