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April 24, 2010
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April 26, 2010

Surreal Southern Night sky.

Astromony, gotta love it!


I’m proudly say I am quite an Amateur astronomer. One of the reasons I choose New Zealand to my very first backpacking abroad was the curious of southern night sky..


I do Astronomy photography as well. Trail photography is my favorite and just short exposure pictures are great way to take a shot at constellations. I brought tripod, my companion Pentax MX, mechanical camera and bunch of films..

There are only you can see in southern hemisphere like Southern Cross, Canopus , the backward Scorpio and the closest galaxy, Large and small Magellanic Cloud. Oh and don’t forget the closest star from the earth beside the sun, Alpha Centauri.


Closest star besides the Sun. Aren't they beauty?


First moment was the first night in Auckland. From a front yard of the hostel, I saw a backward Scorpion through trees. It was such a moment. Scorpion is my constillation. How come? You know, the astrology thing. It appeares the opposite month of my birthday.


Southern Night sky at Auckland Observatory


Auckland Observatory, very historic place for me, I finally saw the Southern Cross and Megallanic cloud. All the time I’ve read about these, and I’m looking at them! Can’t believe it.


Trail. Centered the southern point


Pentax MX / Pentax K24mm / f8 / 2 hours exposure

It’s quite an over exposure one but this  is one of my favorite. It shows lots of my memory of the night.


backward Orion belt


Seoul, the city where I live, is quite a big city, lots of lights and all the smog make impossible to see some stars at night. So I’ve been to many other places in Korea to stargazing and photography. Above all, the best I saw is sky of New Zealand.

The best spot was in Tekapo Observatory from my second backpacking to New Zealand.

I took many pictures of southern hemisphere. Every one of them shows sweet memory of surreal southern night sky of New Zealand. Not only I can take gorgeous night sky, I can do nice one with friend. Keanu with tail of Scorpion. Like it? 🙂.

Keanu and a Moon


Surreal New Zealand night sky gave me such a nice memory. Now I have to see the one in the middle! I explore northern sky my whole life, and did Southern as well, so middle one is my next goal..

Oh wait! There’s North and South poll! Oh well, I have to keep moving then. Mother Earth doesn’t want me to settle!


Believe or not, it is the moon we know.


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Juno Kim
Juno Kim
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  1. zomg! u are a girl of many talents. i am shocked, awe inspired and amazed! U mean using a Pentax MX / Pentax K24mm / f8 / 2 hours exposure can get that amazing effect? wow, shows how little I know a bout photography:)

    • Juno says:


      *blush* I just spend soooooo much time into it for last many years since high school. 😉 Yes only thing you need is just right gear. 🙂 what a compliment.. Thanks so much. I’m so blushing right now. hehe


  2. Andy Jarosz says:

    Beautiful pictures! You have a real talent there Juno 🙂 Thank you for sharing

  3. This is simply amazing, Juno. I am speechless.

    • Juno says:

      @My Kafkaesque Life

      Thanks.. 🙂 If I could do better, picture would be more beautiful, stars were that amazing! I should go back with full equipments next time 🙂 Thanks for compliments!


  4. Ted Nelson says:

    Beautiful pictures. There is a lyric from a song that say “when you see the Southern Cross for the first time, you understand now why you came this way.” Reading this post reminded me of that song “Southern Cross” by Crosby, Still & Nash.

  5. diana says:

    Hi there, I remember these well, this was immense fun … but if those people are impressed imagine how they would feel if they realised just how much of the impact is lost by posting the image in normal web coding:)
    wow Keanu is sooo much bigger now you will have to come back and do some more xx

    • Juno says:


      We spend the night at a golf club,, didn’t we? Yes awesome experience. 🙂 I’ve heard/saw how big Keanu is now! Well, time does that. Love to get down there and do some more fascinating work. It’s been so long took trail photography. Would be awesome.. I’m so thrilled you are going to be here in few months!!! yay!!

  6. you mad freak! That’s brilliant!

  7. ExplorerDad says:

    Fantastic – if you ever get to Woomera in the far north of South Australia, visit the observatory there for some beautiful, very remote, big night sky. Woomera’s also has some history of rocket launches/research so an interesting stop on a drive up through the centre of Australia.

    • Juno says:


      Woomera.. Okay. On my list now! I’ve heard night sky in Austrailia is pretty amazing, I mean there are lots of deserts, right? 🙂 The best place!

  8. Wow… I love astronomy too! But still don’t know much about it… I read somewhere else on your blog that you were asked to be an astronomy guide in an observatory… super cool!
    I love these pics, thanks for sharing! Hope to see the south cross soon <3

    • Juno says:


      Thanks. 🙂 I think It’s matter of you like or not. If you start to fall in love with something, naturally get to know about that. 🙂 And yes, I’ve been asked to be a guide in New Zealand. Hope there are still a chances out there! 🙂
      One more thing, Southern cross is pretty amazing.

  9. Sam says:

    Hi Juno,
    I envy you for the traveling you are doing and I hope to goto places you been to.
    I live in Australia but planing to goto Korea for one month at the end of this year.
    Have u done much traveling within Korea?
    Give me tips if you can..

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