Runaway Subscription Saturday is here! I’ve been having quite busy schedule for last few weeks, traveling through Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Here are some of my favourites of this week while I’m catching up my reading list.



First up, on FoxNomadThe Top 10 Fictional Characters To Take A Road Trip With“. I like to read FoxNomad not only I like his view of the wold, but also we both are kind of nerds. As part of the Geek Takeover Week 2012, Anil gathered 10 best characters that he wants to take road trip with. Do you have anyone in mind?


Second up, on Brendan’s Adventures, The Landscapes of Ile de Goree. I’ve never been to Senegal yet, and I had a chance to look through the place by Brandan’s photography. I especially liked how he made the smoother wave by longer exposure time. Great photo series as usual.


Third up, on yTravel Blog26 ways travel taught me to suck it up. I agree, sometimes I think ‘why I torture myself?’ Ridiculous situations, the hole in the toilet, having worst cramps by constantly moving on an inconvenience day, starving, lonely, scary, tired, sleepy and so on. There are so many unpleasant moments on travel. It’s not so glamorous all the time, after all. But we learn from the experience. ‘Just suck it up.’ That’s how we grow up.


Fourth up, on Wild about TravelMilan in August: The City at its Best. People who love their hometown always make me smile. After capturing very different sceneries in Asia for last few months, Simon introduces beautiful Milan in August. It is really beautiful. I can’t wait to visit Milan in few weeks, and of course meet Simon in person!



This is it for this week. See you next week!






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