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I’m on the road, three months of road trip in the United States, but I’m trying to keep on my blogging and communication with fellow travelers. It’s amazing how many travelers are on the road and maintaining their blog work. You are my inspiration, people!!

Here they are, five blogs that I read this week.


First stop, on Unbrave Girl, The Solo Travel Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Unwanted Attention in Asia. Believe or not, the unwanted attention in Asian countries happened to me, an Asian girl. Somehow. Another well written post by Sally, with her humor. Well said! Yes, don’t take it personally. And there are jerks everywhere, every place in the world. It’s like they always save some fixed population for not so good people. First, I got a little scared. I was in a remote country side town in SE Asia, I got not so much friendly ‘hello’ from everyone in the street. But yes, it was not necessarily toward me, just a general interest to a foreign people. You can just laugh and move on.

Second stop, on Nomadic ChicCheers to Summer Chick Tales 2011. It was a splendid idea from the beginning. Yes, travel brings us lots of serendipities. These are the things that you would never know unless you have actually been on the road. I enjoyed serendipity and the measure of beauty in this series. Before I left my very first backpacking, I had no idea this big world was waiting for me. Now I’m sitting in a little bakery in Bristol, Vermont, writing about my travel stories. Who knew my life turns out like this? Cheers to a great run!


Third stop, on Downtown TravelerPhotos: New Yorkers prepare for Hurricane Irene with beer, duct tape and brunch. Luckily, we were able to be safe from Irene. Just in time, we left the coast. Only Irene experience we had was few hours of strong wind and rain at Troi-Reveres, Quebec. But the news and photos were very scary. And just yesterday when we were hiking in Breadloaf Wilderness in Vermont, we saw some pretty scary scenes up in the mountain. It was very clear that how water went through, with all the mud and trees. Thanks to Leslie, I can see how it was without being there. Phew, what a scary summer! Earth quake, and now hurricane?!


Fourth stop, on Art of BackpackingPhotos: Scranton – The Electric City. Hey, I totally went trough Scranton! Stephen is from Clarks Summit, PA which is near Scranton. We stayed there for a couple of days. We didn’t explore Scranton that much, because we just drove through. It’s glad to see Scranton in photos! And I had no idea The Office is based on Scranton. I only watched the season 1, maybe it’s time to start the season 2. Thanks for the idea!


Fifth stop, on OttsworldHow a career break changed my life. Career break, I guess that’s what I’m doing now. I’ve been refusing to use the world ‘break’ because I thought that intend to go back to work place soon. But not necessarily, I think. I’ve been following Sherry’s blog quite a while now, and I remember I was reading her blog when I was sitting in my dark-small cubicle. I’m so glad that I’m reading her inspiring stories when I’m happy and feel lucky. It’s kind of shame to use ‘career break’ since I only worked for two and half years though. But yes, I totally agree with ‘creativity’. I consider myself as a creative person but my intense work place environment killed my creativity for good. But I feel alive now. I feel both side of my brains are squirming now.



Glad to be back with The RSS: Runaway Subscription Saturday. Thanks for all the inspiration.

See you next week!




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  1. Thanks for featuring my Hurricane Irene photo essay! Glad you escaped the brunt of it. We were lucky in the East Village to only have a few scattered tree branches, some minor flooding and that dead rat!

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