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Thanks for all your inspiration and being just awesome. Without further ado, here’s this week’s The RSS.


First stop, on Downtown Traveler, Is it safe to travel to Egypt and Jordan? US tourism leaders to investigate. Leslie is off to Jordan and Egypt this weekend. This is one of the unsolvable question: is it safe to travel to…? There is clearly ‘objective’ dangers – wars, political issues, religious fights.. Yes these are deadly dangerous, but not for travelers i don’t think. Do you remember, when #Jan25 happened, a man in Cairo held the sign said “Dear Travelers, don’t leave we will protect you”. When you think of it, this is really just matter of where you set your limits to. What IS safe, really? Due to current issues happening in Middle East, Jordan and Egypt are focusing on ‘it is safe to travel to here’. It is great idea to let people know. Leslie got invited to transfer the message to the world. She’s done a great research before she left, and can’t wait to hear what she has to say about Jordan and Egypt. Follow the hashtag #SafeME and #come2Egypt for Leslie’s adventure. (cc. @Giuliaccia )


Second stop, on C’est ChristineWhy solo female travel also means single. At first, I loved the article – I can relate to so many points that Christine made, and second, the comments blew my mind! I think a lot of travelers out there got the problem – not ours, from others – about settle down, marriage, and kids. That old stuff. It’s not like we are against it, it’s just totally up to the individual. When, where, who and if. Moving around constantly seem to not very well accepted to any culture, so people got questions about us, travelers. So they ask and push. Now, more and more people think home is where your heart is, and who do we want to stay with, so basically it could be anywhere in the world. So, the practical questions are really worth to think about but it shouldn’t be forced from others. Thought about it one more time this week, thanks to Christine.


Third stop, on GoMad Nomad Travel MagWhat it’s like in: Bangkok. I recently spend few days in Bangkok. I’ve never been to Thailand before, and Bangkok was a great start point to get to know the country I think. This post is a great sum up for what it is like in Bangkok, written by Stephen (@Bohemiantrav ). Good resource for people who are curious about Bangkok or planning to visit there soon. Especially I enjoyed reading ‘Peculiarities’ and ‘cost’. Cost in Bangkok is really bounce jump and down due to its tourism oriented attitude. People are so nice in general, but once they spot that you need something, they over do it, time to time. It’s really irritating. I don’t mind paying whatever amount if that’s reasonable, I’m not trying to underrated anything but they somehow make everything overrated. And all the peculiarities in Bangkok are  hard to miss no matter how you feel about it.


Fourth stop, on Inspiring TravellerVisiting a Dinosaur Excavation in Neuquén. Andrea and John are on their RTW, and now they are in Argentina. They went to The Lake Barreales Paleontological Centre, and brought us a bunch of dinosaur bone photography and I was happy. They reminded me of my childhood! Yes, I’m the Jurassic Park generation. I think this ws the first movie I saw in the movie theatre and I remember I almost jump out of the seat when the goat leg fell on the windshield of the car. (Remember the scene? Yes, I’m traumatic enough to remember it after all these years) But since I was always a science nerd, it’s hard to not fell in love with dinosaurs. Once they rule the world, and it was so fun to imagining it. The size of bone is just magnificent!


Fifth stop, on Bacon is magic, Photography makes us crazy. It is the dilemma that every traveler had. Memory, yes we want, great photography that could be on my collection, yes we want too but missing out the opportunity? That we don’t want. It’s important to find the balance. It’s really easy to lost track. Photography does make us crazy. My version of solution is.. I don’t obsess with the perfect shot. What more important is this shot is going to be a personal memory for me or not. Not necessarily funny photos, just personal shots are more my style so I compromised with that. But I get greedy, it’s true. I mean, I am standing in front of this magnificent glacier, how can I not to crazy? It’s a conundrum.


There you have it, this week’s reading list.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Thanks you again, happy Easter to readers who are celebrating!


See you next week.


5 thoughts on “Runaway Subscription Saturday : 4th Apr. 2011”

  1. Thanks for including me! The whole “staying single” thing is is still something that I question/wonder about frequently–but for the moment, I’m sure it’s the right choice for me! Glad you enjoyed the piece 🙂

    1. Travel and love never be apart, I realized it at some point. Good or bad, one way or another. I just amazed by all the comments on your post along with your article! 🙂 That’s the classic sign of a good post. Enjoyed it!

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