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October 6, 2011
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October 8, 2011

Runaway Subscription Saturday: 2nd Oct. 2011


This week, I’ve catching up great blog posts. Nonetheless, the biggest issue of this week was the death of Steve Jobs. I’m using the machine he created right at this second, and I found out the news from the same machine. He was an inspiration to all of us; taught us how important to follow your passion and dream. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.


Without further a due, here we are, five blog posts of this week.


Photo: AMC Mizpah Spring Hut guestbook, from 1967.


First stop, on Over Yonderlust, Travel and Practical Education. I’m glad Erica wrote this. We are growing up in the world of education. College degree became essential, higher education is getting respect from people. But often, we saw how ignorant people are. When I was in the US, ‘North? or South?’ was one of the response when I introduced myself as a Korean. There’s a word ‘street smart’. I consider myself as a street smart person while I was growing up. I had so many interests in so many different subjects, and I mostly learnt it from books. But now, we have a chance to see and learn whatever you want face-to-face. I agree with Erica. I am a science person. Science was always my thing and I didn’t even like history or economics at school. But now? I love learning history wherever I go, visiting museum is one of my favourite activities, and I’m wicked good at cooking. What is really ‘education’? Piece of paper doesn’t mean everything.


Second stop, on On Our Own PathReflecting on Home & Travel. Bessie and Kyle recently went back home for few months, from their RTW travels. Bessie made some good points here. Family is really the longest relationship we have; no matter how great it is or it isn’t. Relationship between new friends who we meet on the road is wonderful in many ways, but it is different. Personally, I’m learning how to mix my two great parts of the relationship together. The world I love so much is very different than the environment I grew up. There were many conflicts between those two, but I’m learning it how to make everything smoother. There’s no right answer of ‘is this a right decision?’. All we can do is just trust our instinct, enjoy ourselves, and be make the best out of it. I think.


Third stop, on Skalatitude,   WOW (Women On Wheels) Wall. My dear friend Katie Tibbetts is one hell of a bike traveler. She traveled from Beijing to London on her bike for six months. Recently she broke her shell and be out in the world. One of the first step was opened up her own blog Breakaway Katie, and now she are featured on WOW wall. I’m very proud of her. I got to know the world of bike tour through her, and that became one of the desire I want to achieve someday. There are great woman bike travelers on this wall. I had some tragic memories with bike tour, but I want to go back on.


Fourth stop, on Art of BackpackingStop Making Excuses If You Want To Travel. Once, one of the professor in my department said this in his class; you can make up one million excuses if you don’t want to do something. And that’s true. It’s just ‘excuses’. Justify yourself with reasons. I think it’s a matter of priority. For example, let’s say if you have a student loan to pay. Either you can work in the office job with a big fat paycheck and pay off the loan quickly, or you can earn small money with the job you can do on the road and pay back slowly. What’s your priority? There’s no right or wrong in this case; just personal preference. If you like the former option, be happy with your decision and don’t pretend to be someone else who is dying to travel. But, if you really want to travel, stop making excuses and start make your list. What is more important? I went through the same period. I choose to live my life, instead of others, and that was not an easy decision. But, it is your life and there’s nothing to stop you.


Fifth stop, GoMad Nomad Travel MagPure New Zealand: 5 points of view. Yes, this is my guest post. I don’t normally include my post in the RSS, but I really liked this post. New Zealand is a kind of place that makes you fall in love with. Astonishing scenery is certainly the best thing in New Zealand but that’s not the one attracted me the most. It was the intimate feeling from little things. I did lots activities and travels famous destinations during my backpacking trip to both north and south island, but the one of most memorable memories are the calmness of a lake side walk, little hill top view, small town gypsy fair and a conversation with a local vendor. It’s a magical place!



There you have it, the RSS of the week.

Hope you enjoy. See you next week!





Juno Kim
Juno Kim
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