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Runaway Photo of the Week: The Washington Monument, Washington DC

    “So, what part of Washington is this monument modeled on?” What could that be?! This is, apparently, the oldest joke in Washington DC, according to Lonely Planet. Enough with the joke, the Washington Monument is the tallest building in the district with […]

Calling all Americans!

  Now Runaway Juno is out of 9-5 job, (well, actually it was more like 8-7 or 8-9..but you get the point), the next expedition is in order. Time for bucket living! Have no idea what I’m talking about? Read this […]

My Seoul, Its Face before I Leave.

  I will be on the plane to Washington DC by this time tomorrow. It’s just three months, I know. But due to all the hectic things happened around me during the past few months, or last two years, it […]

Traveling Sisters- a pleasant coincidence

  Sisterhood: There are friends, who just don’t neet to say much to be around. We call that sister-hood. That was the original idea of how Runaway to Sister’s city was born. Serendipity: One of the factor that I dearly […]

Runaway Daily: USA – Day 1. Washington D.C and Cook out

    Day 01 – Washington D.C    Here for Amanda’s graduation party. She recently graduated from a law school after three years of hard work, so her brother Jett threw a party for her at his house in D.C. […]

Adventures in the US: Where to Visit?

#The following is in collaboration with Trailfinders. Adventures in the US: Where to Visit? Travelling the world is a dream for many people and while realising this dream means putting a hold on ‘normal’ life that most aren’t willing (or […]

On The Beaten Path of Washington D.C.

Washington D.C., Where to go? We’re all about off the beaten path travels. But sometimes, exploring the beaten path is inevitable. There’s a good reason why those places have become so popular. Sometimes it’s the best way to get to […]