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First Impressions of Iceland – Hotdog, Coca-Cola and Beyond

First stop of Runaway Europe: Iceland. I’ve been here in Iceland for five days now. And now it’s time to share the first impression of the country. I want to continue the tradition after my observation of America and China. […]

Iceland Golden Circle in Photos

  The Golden Circle: Well-beaten track of Iceland   The Golden Circle is the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland. The tour route was invented about the same time when automobiles were introduced. It’s an easy day trip since it’s […]

Why Iceland is Better in Winter

The reason to visit Iceland in winter I started and finished my Runaway Europe project in Iceland. The route has been completed clean and nice. The face of Iceland in August and November were quite different – well, it was […]

Runaway Photo: South Coast Iceland and Volcano

Today, I’ll take you to the south coast of Iceland.   I already explained why I loved the winter in Iceland so much. One sunny day (but the weather changed about five times that day. Typical Icelandic weather.) we drove […]

Downtown Reykjavik on a Budget: Reykjavik Backpackers, Iceland

  ✪ Location: Reykjavik city center ✪ Internet Access: Wi-Fi works from the lobby to the second floor. No signal on the third and fourth. ✪ Room: I stayed in a private double with shared bathroom. The room and the bed was not […]

Road Trip to Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

  Looking for things to do in Reykjavik?   A few of us from same hostel decided to take a road trip to Rekjanes Peninsula. This little peninsula is the one where the  international airport, Keflavik airport, is located. Great […]

Runaway Photo: Aerial View of Iceland in Winter

  Flying over Iceland There’s a reason why I visited Iceland two times within one year, when I don’t live anywhere near Europe. I showed my affection to Iceland more than enough times. Hotdog and coke are not the only […]

The Best of Winter in Iceland

Heading to Iceland this winter? Iceland is a destination that doesn’t need any convincing for most. The popularity is rising fast, and there are evident reasons why. This second largest island in Europe is really easy to get to especially […]

Photography Guide to Iceland

Where to go to take amazing photos in Iceland There are certain places that every photographer wants to go. Iceland is certainly one of the most exquisite places for all of us. Its fascinating culture, dramatic landscape, vibrant wildlife, and […]

We All Have #Calling — Your Photos for #ExpediaFindYours Twitter Photo Contest

    Walking on the White Sand Dunes were one of the most memorable memories of my time in the US. That was a moment of calling. To explore this nature’s wonder.   The Expedia Find Yours Twitter Photo Contest […]

Runaway Juno is Hopping over to Europe!

    Runaway Juno is hopping over to Europe!   For the first time in my travel life, I’m heading to Europe.   Europe, wow. That sounds strange. I’ve been to New Zealand and America, the two most faraway from […]

Runaway Photo: Have You Ever Seen Puffins?

Greetings from the funniest looking bird in the world: Puffins! I like birds. I’m even traveling with two little kiwi birds. When I decided to come to Iceland, of course, one of the top things to do on my list […]