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Outback Trailblazer [Day 6] Bladensburg National Park in the Jump Up Country

To the Jump Up Country! It’s already the second last day of the Trailblazer. As what Smithy said, “It’ll be over before you realize it.” Today we are heading to Winton, the final destination of Angel Flight Outback Trailblazer 2015. […]

Outback Trailblazer [Day 3] South Australia and Priscilla

Plans for today? Pushing our cars over the South Australia border and dressing up as drag queens. I woke up from another fine night in my swag. It’s a bedroom you can zip and roll. How convenient! So today, we […]

Outback Trailblazer [Day2] There was Big Red

A swag, it’s a good thing. I was a caterpillar in a cocoon. The zipper of the swag zips all the way around as if your sheet is attached to the mattress. I saw the setting Milky Way through my […]

Outback Trailblazer 2015 [Day 0] Official Kickoff at Quilpie

“Flight to Charleville is now boarding.” My heart starts pounding. After 10 months of longing, I’m finally heading back to a sunburnt country. There’s something special about returning to the place that’s special to heart. But it makes me two […]

Runaway Juno Media Goes to Angel Flight Outback Trailblazer 2015

There’s just something special about a sunburnt country. The best way to experience the real bush life is by a road trip! Stephen and I are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, to Angel Flight Outback Trailblazer […]

My 2015 Year in Review: Photographing Around the World

Photo Essay of 2015 Last year was full of interesting experiences in my photography career. I traveled to 15 countries and a countless amount of cities, towns, natural reserves, and peculiar places. I explored one of the world’s most isolated […]

Best 7 Travel Experiences of 2015

The year 2015 is almost coming to the end. How did this happen? I didn’t believe it when my grandmother said ‘time goes faster when you get older’, but now I understand what she meant. Time flies. Especially this year […]

There was Big Red

There was Big Red I’ve mentioned many times about my love of deserts (and glaciers). During my last few years of travels, I’ve visited various sand dunes, deserts, done a camel crossing, and traveled to Arctic regions. Last month, I […]

I’m Married. Now What? My Travel Plans for the Next Six Months

“You’re married. Does it mean that you’re going to settle down somewhere?” “Where will you live, in America or Korea?” “Where is your honeymoon house?” I got a lot of questions about what will be changed after we got married. […]