Scenes and Sounds of Luang Prabang, Laos


    Luang Prabang is culturally beautiful and also backpacker friendly. Most of the local people can communicate with English and they know what travelers need in the guesthouse, and the restaurant. It is photogenic; you can see the photos through my previous post the temples and monks. However, there’s not much place to eat ‘real’ [...] Read more »

Eating Bugs in Jianshui, Yunnan, China – Video Proof!


    Jianshui Barbecue (Jianshui chaokao 建水 烧烤)   Jianshui is a small town in southern Yunnan Province, China. It’s not glamorous as Yangshuo or Dali. There’s not much to do or see. It’s not famous for anything, I don’t think. Yet this is one of personal favourite places in China so far. People are [...] Read more »

Introducing Food of Guangxi Province, China

Juno with Guilin Rice Noodle

    Guangxi Province is well known for the scenery. We were also there for explore the scenery but we discovered another Guangxi’s winning point: the food. It is not as charismatic as Sichuanese food, and not well known as Beijing style, but is certainly enjoyable. While I was staying in Yangshuo and Gulin, I [...] Read more »

Hong Kong Central-Mid Level Escalator in Motion

11Dec31_HappyNewYear Mid level escalator

    In Central Hong Kong, you’ll see the sign says ‘escalator’ and people often guide you to ‘take the escalator’ to get to somewhere. What is so special about the escalator? Because this is world’s longest indoor escalator and it is crossing the whole central area of Hong Kong Island. Get on and get [...] Read more »

Observe Night Kowloon One Shot at a Time — Stop Motion Video of Kowloon

Juno and Kowloon at night Hong Kong

    Kowloon was busy. Kowloon was noisy. Kowloon was full of neon signs and people. Kowloon was a big city. And I’ not a fan of a crowed place. What’s so special about that? Eventhough Kowloon was just another big city, some ways, it captured my eyes. Travelers, Indian tailors, locals, fake Rolex dealers… [...] Read more »

Cooking Beer Fish with Harry – from Yangshuo, Guangxi, China

Beerfish Yangshuo Guangxi China

      While we were having a hard time in Yangshuo, it was even hard to find a place to eat. All the restaurants in town seem like aiming for the big tourist groups, and they didn’t look like having ‘local cuisine’ as they clammed to. Well, it got better eventually. It was just a matter [...] Read more »

Boardwalk Empire — Wildwood Boardwalk, USA

Wildwood Boardwalk

  “This is going to be the most intense American experience you’ll ever have.” Stephen said right before we went into Wildwood boardwalk. Hm, okay. What is ‘Boardwalk’ anyway? I didn’t quite understand the word ‘boardwalk’. Is it like the word ‘board game’? I guess I have to wait and see.     So here’s [...] Read more »