Runaway to Sister’s City: Seoul, Korea by Katie Tibbetts


  This week’s Runaway to Sister’s City is special for me with two reasons. A) Because it’s Seoul, my hometown. And B) This great piece is written by my good friend and a wicked travel writer Katie Tibbetts (also known as Breakaway Katie). Seoul, the place I spent more than half of my life, is [...] Read more »

Taking advantage of Seoul’s diversity – Mexican food


  One of the great things about living in a big city is the diversity. Seoul was not so diverse place from the beginning. Korea was and is all about tradition and history. However due to the massive amount of foreign employees including English teachers, it is becoming really multi-cultural. And simply, people love foreign [...] Read more »

Driving Miss Age

Well.. we weren’t driving but I choose the title because it rimes. Serendipity. This is one of my favourite English words. I think serendipity is a wonderful gift of life. Also this is one of the reasons why I travel. It’s not just applied for new cities or when you travel. It happens in just [...] Read more »

Romantic 5 spots around Seoul

My Guestpost at @TravelMoments Where do think think as ‘romantic place’ around Seoul? I pick 5 spots. Read, compare and let me know what you think! . Frankly I’m a romantic person. However I don’t know what is others definition of “Romantic”. For me, I prefer some place quite and intimate. Not for groping each [...] Read more »