Why I Don’t Miss Holidays

new years day-0040

    “Is it your holiday today? You must miss home!”   I node and smile, but I’m thinking ‘well, not really.’   To be completely honest, sometimes I think ‘I’m glad I’m not there.’   Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Buddha’s Birthday, Independence Day… the joy of holidays in the world gave me a strange feelings. [...] Read more »

Boardwalk Empire — Wildwood Boardwalk, USA

Wildwood Boardwalk

  “This is going to be the most intense American experience you’ll ever have.” Stephen said right before we went into Wildwood boardwalk. Hm, okay. What is ‘Boardwalk’ anyway? I didn’t quite understand the word ‘boardwalk’. Is it like the word ‘board game’? I guess I have to wait and see.     So here’s [...] Read more »

Why I am Unintentionally Ignoring You


  I call my friend, and she says, “What’s up?” “Um…”  Then 5 seconds of pause..   I walk into a supermarket, and the clerk says, “Hey, how’s it going?” “Um…” Then 5 seconds of pause..   Now I’m in the US, I hear it every single day, every place, wherever I go. Let’s get [...] Read more »

Your guide to hosting #KoreanFoodWednesday in a foreign land


  If you want to make a nice #KoreanFoodWednesday for yourself and your family, here’s a simple guide for you based on my experience in America. This can be applied in anywhere in the world. I will guide you to have a table full of exotic – could be, Korean food but not so difficult [...] Read more »

Times leaves trace in space. Follow traces in Sogong Dong

. . One day, a date with my best friend Inny, we met at a coffee house in  Daehakro just before the musical started because it was a musical date. Anyhow as soon as she walked into the door, she spills out this ideas, stories, and plans with a big fat pile of documents in [...] Read more »

Majority of language. It’s not a superpower, just so you know.

12 years of education, English was there more than half of those years. But it was mostly reading, and really boring grammar. Long story short, I was an English failure. I’ve never got good grade in English, and even didn’t get a perfect score at college entrance exam which everyone gets. But here I am, [...] Read more »