Short getaway to Ganghwa island

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November 18, 2010
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November 22, 2010

Short getaway to Ganghwa island

It’s beautiful fall. Too beautiful to just stay in the city, so I packed the bag and went on a short getaway.

To Ganghwa island!


It takes just about two hours driving from Seoul. West sea of Korea is filled with little and big islands. You can recognized from the sea line from the map. Ganghwa island is one of them. You can visit other islands from Ganghwa island too. Lots of connected ferries. We’ve decided to drive around Sukmo island as well. There’s a lot to see in Ganghwa island alone, so let me get back to it later. 🙂


Oh and here are my companions to this little trip. We are dacing buddies! 🙂

Little getaway companions

There’s a boat at Waypori port. If you are bring a car along, it’s 12,000 won for the car and 2,000 won each per adult. Just 5 minutes of boat ride is going to take us to Sukmo island. But I have to say, this little boat ride is one of the most interesting one I’ve ever had. Because of all the seagulls. I knew some places seagulls got into the swing of feed by people, so bunch of them are following the boat the entire time. Turns out Sukmo island boat ride is one of them. As soon as the ship left, over thirty seagulls were chasing, with full of passion-to eat! People were throwing snacks, kids were so happy, and I got pretty good pictures of them. It was short but so much fun.

Boat, to Sukmo island.

Snacks and seagulls.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull moment.

Me, taking pictures of Jonathans.... 🙂

The reason we went out is basically to see the ocean, so we headed to one. Well, it’s a small island so basically everywhere was great place. It was at low tide when we were there. Gorgeous mud beach was there, miles and miles wide. It was beautiful. The thing I love about west sea is this, the shape made by wave and tide. Frankly, see a bottoem of ocean is quite mysterious as well, am I right? 🙂

Mud beach at West sea

It felt so good. Fresh but not too cold sea wind, wide open sky, beautiful beach and being with good company. But I got too far, and my pretty yellow converse got mud bath. Oh well….  I thought the mud would be firmer..


Few famous thing around Sukmo island, besides beautiful beach, is the temple named Bomun Sa. It has long history and a prayer room made by carving a giant stone. Maple trees around the island were not showing dramatic color like bright red or yellow but soft brown-ish leaves. It suits the atmosphere.

On the way up to the temple, a lot of local restaurants and street vendors are selling all sorts of local delicacies. Most of the places offer you a free food in front of the stall. We would not pass that. A glass of Ginsing Mokolli, which is Ganghwa special alcohol, and deep fried mugwort. Sounds strange? Oh well, you have to try these.. It’s so tasty and feel so healthy at the same time!! 🙂

with a lady at local restaurant. Free food!

Now the temple.

We have lots and lots of temples around the country, but each one of them has their own charm. This one feels particularly more serious. Must be because of the history and all.

Bomun sa


Like watercolor painting, one of my favourite shot

Temple felt really, temple. Feels like it is here, where temple is supposed to be. Close enough to people to visit, but once you enter, you could feel the solemness.


Bandaengi Sushi

Just driving by the sea shore was very refreshing. We end our day with local special dish, large-eyed herring sushi at Ganghwa island. This dish is Ganghwa special, so you should include your list of things to do when you visit Ganghwa. In Korean, this is “Bandaengi”.  Same nick name as someone who has narrow mind.. I don’t know why though.

The comfort little getaway was very refreshing. Just in two days of trip, we did all the things I like about travel. Interacted with locals, lernt new things, enjoy beautiful scenery, and eat delicious local special dish! Loved it.


I was just focusing on be relax, enjoy what’s around, and not very much informative. Hopefully one day I will go back and pick up more information about Ganghwa island. Because I know there’s a lot to introduce! History is the most fascinating part.

Okay, to be continue… so enjoy it for now 🙂

Juno Kim
Juno Kim
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  1. Lia says:

    Been watching your articles, via AgentCikay tweets. Always love reading about Korea (I want to travel there one day!) as our family are hallyu fans! 🙂 ( I dont blog too much these days haha)

  2. Lia says:

    one day definitely I will, thanks Juno 🙂 and Ciki is one cool chica 🙂 I’ve only met her once tho haha One day I shall go, without kids HAHA

  3. Sofia says:

    Sounds like the perfect getaway, relaxing and refreshing, the two things you need after having spent too much time in the city!

  4. awesome post and i wished I can travel to South Korea to see this Juno. I loved your photos here and the photo of you taking photo on the sky, perfect!

    Cheers 🙂

  5. Lauren says:

    Hi I realise this post is old now but can you tell me where you stayed on the island? Me and some friends are planning a trip on Buddah’s bday weekend

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