Juno-Go-Round, Tweetup-couchsurfing RTW

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August 31, 2010
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September 6, 2010

Juno-Go-Round, Tweetup-couchsurfing RTW

Juno go round, round, and round!


You are all invited! To my grand, world round (imagination) RTW tour!

(And it’s updated in Sep. 07, 2010)

From last year, I met so many great fellow travelers and witnessed tweetup after tweetup. It occurs to me, I could do that, you know. Make my itinerary according to people I want to meet and who let me meet them. And, maybe someone could offer me a couch?

So I call this, 

“Juno-go-round, Tweetup-couchsurfing RTW”.

I apologize in advance just in case if you feel bad about I mentioned your name and these random things to do. I didn’t really ask your permissions. So I’m sincerely sorry for that. Also sometimes I only know just a gist of where you are, so please forgive me and correct me if I’m wrong.

So, here we go!

My dream Round the world trip (RTW), I would like to start with Trans Mongolian and Trans Siberian.



.From Incheon, will take a plane to Beijing and take Trans Mongolian. Explore Mongolia and Russia along the way. All the way to Moscow. It would take about a month or a month and a half. Oh it would be fun!! Ride some horse, and other animals out there.


Then fly up to Finland. There’s my friend, Simo. He will offer me a couch, right Simo? Actually this is Simo and his buddy, Kalle’s route when he went back home from a year of life in Korea. He will gladly let me crash his couch, won’t you? I have this wild image of Finland, and I would love to see all. You and Kalle live in different city, right? Guide me!

Finland then move on to Sweden. Up to Norway, and hopefully catch some Northern light. This is the closest way to be near the north poll, so hopefully! In Sweden; I will meet awesome couple, @AsWeTravel . They will know all the cool stuff about Sweden. Will be count on you!


Down to Denmark, and the great UK. Does Denmark really have greatest milk? Well, anyhow Andy, @501places , Darren @TravelRants , Lynne @lynnerosie , Abi @Insidethetravellab , Zoe  @quirkytraveller  would love to see me, wouldn’t you? We can do a little group tweetup! Hoot!!

New friend Jools @jools_octavius  is in Edinburgh or Glasgow . I will let you know when I’m coming!!


From Andy’s blog few months ago, his trip to Scotland and England were just fascinating. I want to do that when I get there.

And some of my friends I met in New Zealand. Matt, Saul and Laura will be happy to meet me after these years. I see your status via Face book but that’s not realistic considering we met a long time ago, right? Can’t wait to meet you all. Saul is almost a celebrity.

Then explore Europe west to east. From Portugal, Spain. Nellie @WildJunket will guide me where to enjoy myself in Spain. Since you are just an awesome traveler, I’m so excited to meet you!

France, when I hit Paris, @ParisBuff and @EasyHike101 are going to see me! Pleas have one expensive cup of coffee in front of Eiffel tower. Please, please?

Belgium, hanging out with lovely @Isabellestravel . Promise me to introduce the best Belgium waffle and Belgium chocolate!!

@VelvetEscape in the Netherlands. However I’m not sure he is going to be there when I arrived. He is in all over the world, I tell ya! If you are around, hang out with me in the beach with the air planes.

Germany. Melvin, @TravelDudes . I think we could get along just fine. Also I’ve heard you are a great tour guide!  When I meet him (finally!) there’s a lot to talk about in so many subjects. Start with ‘Traveldudes.org’, right? So many to talk about!

@Lozula  if you are in Germany in that time, will twit you for sure. If not, let’s meet up in New Zealand like you said!

Now, this beautiful Italy. I wanted to learn Italian but haven’t done yet. Maybe I will start when I get there. Lovely Simon @1Step2theleft and I will have some lovely time at beautiful Italy. Would you do with a bike tour to Rome? Michela @RockyTravel ! Would you like to meet me in somewhere in Italy? Point some great winery out for me!

Mediterranean Sea is one of thing I really expect. I’ve heard weather there is dry and fantastic, and ocean in Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So definitely Greece, Croatia, and Italy. Oh and since I love Greek food, that should be included. Anyone based on Greece? Would you love to hang out with me?

Slovenia, if @MKL is around. I think you know pretty great place to around, right? I’m counting on you! Frankly I know so little about Slovenia.

Kosovo, hiking with Todd, @ToddVassel . I’ve seen his photo from his hiking, and that is just too beautiful. Take me to one!

Up to Romania, Lori @Travelmoments would love to hang out with me, right? Do you think your husband let me drive one of his remote control plane? 🙂

Rest of Europe, Eastern Europe. I always want to visit Prague, Turkey, and probably I would love rest of Eastern Europe. @Turkeysforlife is an expert of Turkey travel, so I will ask you some advice, cool?

The amazing Africa. Wow Africa. I thought Africa was a country when I was 8 or 9. Teacher wanted us to pick a country and research about that country. And I choose Africa. I’ve read books and everything and she said Africa is not a country. That is a name of continent and I didn’t understand what that was. Anyhow that is my first relationship with Africa. Okay Africa, now it’s time to hangout with me!

Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. And so many other places in this wonderful continent. I will visit you all. Oh I can hardly wait! Wherever you are, @AcasiaAfrica , please come out and hang out with me! And if you are around Giulia @giuliaccia , meet up with me in Cairo! Or, Italy, that’s fine too.

Then up  the Middle East. Frankly I’m little afraid of Middle East. There were so many issues, war, religion and everything. Phew, oh well, I think that is different to travelers? Hope so. We do a lot of projects base on Middle East, and every time people told, they have to spend too much money on security. Have to prepare for random people shoot, fight or kidnap. Hopefully, for travelers that does not apply.

Now Adam @TravelsofAdam is in Middle East, so I could get some advice from you when I’m heading to Middle East, right?


Grand tour of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Maybe climb Mt.Everest and lots of trekking in Nepal.

Then back to Asia. Quite weird, since I left from Asia but now it’s time to South East Asia. Start with Burma, then Thailand. If @Eloren @Gotpassport and @OurownPath are still there, let’s hangout! I haven’t met @Gotpassport but I think you guys are really cool. And we ( @OurownPath  and I) only met once, but I think we become a good friend since that was our first tweetup, right? Oh and @KevinRevolinski  might be there.  Kevin is all over the world too, so hard to keep it up!

Daniel @Eloren , you and I have to do some photo shoot!! Let’s do long exposure! Can’t wait! Photography buffs are always my best friends. If you let me of course.

Laos, Vietnam, and Malaysia. In KL, there’s going to be my favorite gal pal, @AgentCikay . I will bring great quality running shoes, so you have to take me all the great food places on your blog. We start with running and then eat, right? And your blogger friends too!

@kennymah , @Malaysiasia  you know I’m talking to you all. There are so many things we could do, and we have to do! You know. I’m really looking forward to it!! You know it! I may don’t want to leave because of you.

Philippines and Indonesia. Island hopping. Looking forward to it! Dave @TLWH, if you are still around, let’s hang out! No? You wouldn’t!

Now it’s time to road trip in Australia. I really look forward to do it. Well, everything is but Australia. According to what I’ve read and heard, I will fall in love with this country.Desert, I really want to see, and ocean, surfing, oh and don’t forget the Opera house.

My friends I met few weeks ago, Bryony @Brypie and Paul are going to be there I hope. Let’s do another tour in your city!

Caz, bring your Yellow tail bottles and vegemite out! I will bring wildberry jam. Vegemite is great with jam, did you know? 🙂  @ytravelblog

Drink on the beach, awesome. Looking forward to it!!

Oh and when I hit Sydney, can I join Sydneytraveltribe? Then I can meet all of you at once! Please include me in!

Sorry I thought symbolize Australia as “Yellow Tail” wine, but what can I do, I love this wine! When I do some road trip in Australia, I might buy dozens of bottle of this. But you know what? It has wildness and kangaroo in their picture. So.. It’s Australia, right?

New Zealand. How can I leave you out? I’ve been there already twice, and I explore everywhere but still there are more to see, more to do. I lost my chance to visit Milford Sound last time because of heavy snow storm, and more beach? I bet there are still million things to do, and I will like the most of it.

@BackpackingMatt , @TrailsofAnt , @Kiwitravwriter , and who else? Let’s come out and travel with me!

Oh and fairly new friend Scott, @Adventureskope   I will twit you when I’m in town. Hang out with me! 🙂 Want to hear all about your LP gig!

I think @illuminatdtrvlr could be there. If you are, we could be travel mates!


Now it’s time to another grand tour, on my list forever, South America. Homeland of coffee, Mayan, Inca Empire, and all the monuments. I love coffee, but descent coffee is too expensive. Well coffee is generally over priced in Korea. I don’t know why. So I buy coffee bean and make my own. In South America, gorgeous coffee.. hmmmm… Yum!

Not only coffee, I’m really excited to see all of those cultural monuments. It’s almost overwhelming. History always fascinates me and this ‘grand’ history will blow my mind.

Seriously, I want to go every bit of this continent. Maybe skip where it’s too dangerous. I would not know because I’ve never been but from what I’ve heard, some places in South America could be dangerous. For solo-female travelers. Sometimes danger could be overrated but don’t hurt to be safe, right? Oh and I might include Antarctica in. It is my ‘the’ destination, but I’m not sure there will be a tour to South poll in that time. We’ll see.

Now I have few friends in South America too! When I hit Mexico, Earl @WanderingEarl  is going to be my company. He even offer me a couch. How sweet of you!

Move on to Brazil, @TravelholicA  is going to hang out with me. Sweet! In Brazil, I think I will remind  @AndiPerullo ‘s engagement story. So sweet!

America, I already set some plans to meet Leslie @LeslieTravel , Jeremy @Budgettravelsac , Mark @Planetnomad , and Ted @TravelingTed . I will visit each and every of you and we could do some trip to somewhere, like Hawaii? I’m thinking, Chicago to meet Ted, like he said, since Chicago is in the center of the country. I will introduce you to my good friends, Luke and Laurie! They are fascinating.

Then Ted and I go to NY to get Leslie. Then cross all the way to San Francisco. Meet Jeremy, Mark oh and Ashley @NonionsXpickles , and then fly to Hawaii. How’s this? Perfect? Oh and please promise me to visit the world greatest observatory of all, Mauna Kea.

We can convince Gray @Solofriendly to guide us to Vegas. Since she is an expert!Oh and I can’t leave out the capital. So I’m going to twit @Landlopers . According to his articles, he is a master of DC! So, would you? It will be fun!! I bet!

Stephanie @TravelDesigned is in Illinois, so I will twit you before I go. Would you let me visit your town? I will bring great Korean food recipes. I know states in America are huge, and I have no idea how big is Illinois and what’s there. Oh! I can meet Mr.Traveldesigned !

Keith, @travelingsavage  said he lives in near Chicago. Do you know what that means? I will visit you! You have to show me around your town! According to your writing style, I think I have a lot to learn from you. Because I like your writing!  Have to sneak up when you are writing. haha!! 😀

And team GotSaga @GotSaga @GotsagaLatino @PatriciaVance , wherever you are, I have to meet you! Some of you are my twit-sters, aren’t we?

Andy, @AndiPerullo  promised me to show me around the USA. Would you like to be one of the tour group? Head to Hawaii! yay!!

My lovely friends, Meaghan, Camber and Lindsey. If you guys are back to US, then please come out and.. road trip baby! That would be leagen-wait for it-dary!!

Of course there are so many more places I want to visit. So I will do that and then visit you. I don’t want to drag you all around.For starters, I will watch tons of musicals in New York. No one is going to stop me! Well, maybe my wallet will stop me.

Up to Canada, there’s our favorite lady, Janice @Solotraveler . She officially offered me a couch so I will be her house for few days. (Still available?) Maybe we travel solo and together at the same time. Since Janice and I are fan of solo travel, so maybe, why not? But it’s interesting to travel two solo travelers together, right?

Dave and Deb @TheplanetD seem like fantastic people to hang out. You guys are inspiring. I will twit you when I get there.

I believe @Globetrooper is in Montreal. I’ve never met anyone from Montreal, so please inform me about this great place!

If you are there Evelyn @JourneyWoman please have a cup of coffee with me. Because, simply you are so awesome!

Of course, Nova Scotia! Terry @travelbyTerry is going to show me around this beautiful town.  Only area I know is BC because of my friend. Since you love my country and all, I think we have a lot to talk about.

Oh and if you are back in town @Ayngelina , will meet you in Toronto! I think you are so fascinating. I’ve read your South America travel stories, but tell me all about it!!

Hope I can catch Northern lights at northern Canada. Expecting to see some amazing forest in Canada.

Some new offers were coming in.

And then, maybe… just maybe I will fly home, to Korea. That simple.

ONLY If I didn’t find any path for me on the road.

How’s my plan? Phew, feel like I just went all those places! Just thinking about it, makes me happy.

And who want to be in, and offer me a couch for my grand ‘Juno-go-round, Tweetup-couchsurfing RTW‘?

Let’s comment away!

::Updated in this #TravelTuesday, Sep. 07, 2010::


Juno Kim
Juno Kim
Juno Kim, a happiness-seeking storyteller. Photographer, writer, and trained mechanical engineer. Life-long nerd. I left the cubic farm to follow my true love: the world. A firm believer of serendipity, astronomy enthusiaster, and living by passion and love in life. Currently, on a quest to discover stories and find the place where I can call 'home'. Follow my journey through @RunawayJuno and Google+ .


  1. Keith says:

    Hahahaha! Absolutely brilliant post Juno! 🙂 When you get to Amsterdam, I’ll show you much more than just airplanes and beaches! LOL! 😉 I’ll give you the Velvet Tour of AMSTERDAM!


    • Juno says:


      Yay! That sounds soooo fancy! Love it! Velvet tour of Amsterdam! How awesome is that? I will write this down!! 🙂 You know I am the best tour guide of Seoul, right? So, come, come! 🙂

  2. Rafidah says:

    Owh, Juno dear! I just skimming ur RTW itinerary but i feel its awsome! thats the best thing when u have so many blogger friend around the world! I know u have ur bestfriend~agentcikay here in KL but i do wanna meet up with u if you happen to come to Malaysia. =)

  3. GotPassport says:

    Awww Juno.. you’re awesome for including us. There maybe a few more to TeamCM by the time you arrive here. We are totally looking forward to hanging out with you! Cheers! 🙂

  4. LeslieTravel says:

    That is quite an ambitious RTW itinerary! I want to go to Siberia too– let’s tweetup there, then we can travel together to NYC and Hawaii. Hopefully I’ll win the lotto or secure a book deal first to finance the trip… 🙂

  5. Michela says:

    you are a genius !! what a wonderful post! of course I’ll show you Venice and we will taste some good italian wines too :)…and of course you can have my tips for your Australia travel too 🙂

    • Juno says:


      Cool! I love wine, but I don’t think I have that much Italian wine. I started to drink it in NZ, so I’m familier with NZ’s and OZ’s. I’m sure Italian’s is one of the finest!
      Rockytravel is going to be on all over my laptop when I’m going to OZ, you know. 🙂

  6. Lori says:

    Lovely trip, Juno! And yes, I guess my husband will lend you the RC plane 😉 So… what can I say! Please transform this online – imaginary trip – into a real one 😉

    • Juno says:


      Thanks! And I hope so. I had such fun writing it! It feels like floating 🙂 Haaa… would be great. If you have a small chair for me to sleep on in your house, that would be great. Thank you very much. hahaha!! 😀

  7. ciki says:

    oh trust me, you are never going home to Korea after that .. mwuahahaha! you’ll be hooked on travel for life! LOL

    anyway, your favorite gal pal, @AgentCikay will definitely bring u running right after she takes u to all the great food places on her blog! You can count on me baybeh!!


    • Juno says:


      haha I knew it!! 🙂 I am counting on you girl! I’m afraid, I don’t leave KL, because I have so much fun with you!! 😀 hahaha! We are going to have so much fun, for sure.
      Can we run before we eat? Than we can be more relax, and we might need another run after all the eating! hahaha!! 😀

  8. Juno,
    When you come here I will show you the Windy City, Chicago! I also live near Rockford Il where we have the beautiful Anderson Japanese Gardens! I am also not far from Madison, Wi the captial of Wisconsin and Milwaukee. You better plan to stay with me at least 10 days we have so much to see here!! I hope you REALLY do come to visit me someday!

    • Juno says:


      I knew you are an expert! Yes, at least 10days, got it. I do hope so, and I will. 🙂 I will make some great Korean food! I’m sure I can do without Kimchi.
      Wisconsin, isn’t that the heaven of diary products? I will enjoy that!! 🙂 Thanks for all the offer. I will count on you! 🙂

  9. Ted Nelson says:

    I am with Leslie, I want to tweet up in Siberia and Thailand and Europe. Maybe everyone in this great group could all RTW the whole world together LOL.

  10. I would definitely meet you in Slovenia, Juno. It’s my pleasure. I was already a tour guide to 4 Korean friends in 2009 and they really enjoyed themselves 🙂 It’s funny, I’ve just started to blog about my Slovenia tour. The one me and my Taiwanese girlfriend went on two weeks ago. I’ll write a lot about Slovenia and all the good spots, you can always peek a little and see, if you like something. Good luck with your RTW. If you do 5% of this, you’re already awesome 😛

    • Juno says:


      I knew you are a great tour guide. 🙂 I can look it up in your blog before I go. Sweet, good to know!
      I am making my map bigger and bigger. Wish me luck!

  11. Gray says:

    Any excuse for a Vegas trip! Sounds like fun. I try not to call myself an “expert” in any category…let’s just say I’m a Vegas enthusiast. 🙂

    • Juno says:


      Vegas enthusiast! That’s good. 🙂 I will be count on you! Las Vegas, I’ve heard Vegas is one fascinating place. It is quite an artistic city, right? As I know. All the shows.. sweet!

  12. Keith says:

    Well Chicago is not far south of my homebase…

  13. adam says:

    hahahahhahah! this was brilliant! I love this idea and it’s so great that you summarized quite nicely where each and every travel tweeter is from or which region they’re in! Love it!

  14. Ashley says:

    Haha, this is so great! I think you need to do it 🙂 I’m already thinking of places I must take you in SF!

  15. Earl says:

    That’s an absolutely wonderful post, one of the most entertaining ones I’ve read in a while! And if you ever make it to Mexico, you can crash on my sofa any time!

  16. Adam Axon says:

    Haha excellent post Juno! I could definitely be in New Zealand or Australia! Then again to be honest the whole thing sounds fantastic so I really could be anywhere!

    Thx again for the mention, delighted to play tour guide if you come through Melbourne and I’m around! 😀

  17. lara dunston says:

    Juno, but you can’t be afraid of the Middle East! It’s actually one of the safest regions in the world! The conflicts are few and far between and on a daily basis you are far safer in countries like Syria and Lebanon that you are in any US/UK/Australian cities. Until we took to the road 4.5 years ago, it was my home since 1998, and it’s the part of the world I feel safest. Extraordinarily friendly people, little petty crime, a culture of hospitality, you’ll find plenty of friends and families to take you in!

    • Juno says:


      Oh that’s wonderful infrmation. Thanks Lara! So are you living there at the moment? Just everything in the news is too sad, and terrifying. I know that is not all but that’s all information I could get right now. So this is wonderful to know. 🙂 I’m sure I will be shocked with all the rich culture. Looking forward to see all that. 🙂

  18. Wow, that’s a great map, and a great RTW!! Yep, would be happy to share any of that with you. Not sure if I’ll be in the Philippines still. But would love to do the trans Siberian!!

    Where ever I am, I’d be more than glad to show you around, offer you a place to sleep, go exploring or just eat lots!! 🙂

    • Juno says:


      Where ever you are, I knew you would love to meet and hang out! 🙂 Eat, yes that is the most important for sure!!
      I don’t know when I could do this, but I will let you know 🙂

  19. TravelholicA says:

    And when you come to South America, don’t forget to stop in Brazil to have a cup of acai with me! @TravelholicA

  20. Jools Stone says:

    D’you know Juno (sorry couldn’t resist it!) this sounds like one amazing adventure taking in some top notch travel tweeps! Say a special hello for me to my pals TravelMoments, ThePlanetD, Globetrooper, TrailofAnts, and the ever-lovely couple ParisBuff and Easyhiker101.

    If you’re passing through Edinburgh or Glasgow let me know and I could also say hello if you like. I’m also inter railing through the Balkans and parts of Eastern Europe later this month and in October, keen to meet up with any tweeps/bloggers en route.

    By the way, where did you get the cool route map from? It looks similar to the one used by one of my fave travel sites, http://www.seat61.com, and I’d love to use a template of it too for mine if poss.

    Bon voyage! 🙂

  21. Matt says:

    Brilliant idea Juno! See you in NZ!

  22. Terry Larke says:

    What about the Maritimes in Canada, you dont want to stop in Nova Scotia? We have the most friendly people! Known for our seafood and our scenery. Nova Scotia means New Scotland! Check Nova Scotia out, and you are welcome here! Either virtually or physically! We could spend hours talking and laughing about travel!

  23. What an awesome post! And of course I`ll introduce you to the famous AND delicious Belgian chocolates!! Trust me, I know where to find them. Absolutely love this post 🙂

  24. Hey dear… in my new apartment in Cairo I have 5 sofas… you just have to choose!!! 🙂
    I’d take you all around the place and I’m sure you’d love it. From the great Giza Pyramids to the tiny and dusty streets of Khan el Khalili, and I’d show you the best nightlife ever. Ready? 🙂

  25. ayngelina says:

    By the time you get to Canada I’ll be back in Toronto!

  26. Aww… after all that, you’re meeting up with Agentcikay and not me… now I’m really sad Juno.


  27. wicked page cheers for writing this.

  28. Simon says:

    Woohoo! What an amazing RTW trip, Juno! I’ll take it as a promise and you can stay at my home any time! You would love Italy and we could have a lot of fun!
    What about taking Ciki with you? Can you imagine the 3 of us???
    Would be absolutely great!!! 🙂

  29. Andi says:

    What an AWESOME post!!!!!!! But, you must stop by the USA so that I can show you around. 🙂

  30. LeslieTravel says:

    Just wondering, how long will this trip take? We may have to clear our calendars for the next 5 years! 🙂

  31. Keith says:

    Juno, I live in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s about two and a half hours northwest of Chicago. I will definitely show you around if you come toward my neck of the woods!

    • Juno says:


      2 and a half hours! That’s not bad! Oh actually I just could come up to Wisconsin. I always want to explore magical diary town! 🙂 (Wisconsin is famous for cheese, right?)

  32. Are you not going to come and drink yellow tail with us on the beaches north of Sydney? Gosh I’ll have to take back all those bottles I bought for you and that vegemite!! Ha Ha. Great post Juno, must have taken you ages!

  33. Michael says:

    Caz, I think it’s the vegemite – it’s horrible stuff lol.

    Cute idea Juno!

  34. Bessie says:

    You’re way too funny, Juno!! I would love to hear all your stories staying on all these couches and having Tweet-ups around the world. Too cool!

    You’re definitely welcome to crash with us wherever we are!! We’re sticking around in Chiang Mai for a while, and we even have a couch! Hugs, darling!

  35. Marnie Alvez says:

    Wow Juno, you’re amazing!! =) Too bad I don’t have a couch to share with you at the moment. When you decide to fly to the Philippines, I would be glad to take you island hopping to see the Philippines’ best beaches! Or we could also go mountain hiking! There’s so much to do! I hope it would become a reality! See you soon! =)

  36. Norbert says:

    Nice RTW… when you stop in NYC we should go to a museum or walk around the city… lol 🙂 @GloboTreks

  37. Todd says:

    Great post June, and I can’t believe I’m just finding it!! I’d love to take you around Kosovo, I can show you how to hike and pronounce my last name 😉 @toddwassel

    Just kidding 🙂

  38. I thought you had missed Turkey off the list and was ignoring us while going round Greece!! Saw @turkeysforlife and was happy. They know their way round Fethiye with their eyes shut. I am on the Aegean coast though and you couch surf with me!

    • Juno says:

      thanks for the offer! I would never miss Turkey. It’s on my bucket list! 🙂 You know Korea and Turkey is brother countries? 🙂 I’ve learn that in 2002 Worldcup.

  39. Natali Lekka says:

    Hi Juno! I am based in Greece so I can hang out with you! x x x

  40. Nicole says:

    When your in Australia come visit!
    I will (depending what time of year) most likely be in Melbourne, Victoria. But I may be in my home town – Adelaide, Australia.
    Hopefully I’ll have a bed/couch for you if you’d like! =)
    Can’t wait to keep hearing about your adventures! You sure sound busy!

  41. Chiang Khan says:

    Head up to northeastern Thailand to see the Land of Smiles at its best.

  42. Connie says:

    That is INSANE! Not sure when (or if) you’ll arrive in Hong Kong but I’d be happy to show you around!

  43. Lynne Gray says:

    I have just found this post Juno – it’s fantastic! Happy to share your travels any time, the itinerary is brilliant. And you have a tour guide, fellow conspirator and a bed here when you come to England 🙂

  44. Maria says:

    One helluva itinerary – you’ll need a porter… I got your pack!

  45. I still dont quite get how tweetups work, but I like the idea of stopping in at all your travel blogger friends places on your way around the world. Im RTW in 16 days… but no fixed address yet.

  46. The Guy says:

    Wow, that is quite some journey. How many years would it take? All the places sound fabulous though.

    Thanks for sharing.

  47. Sarah says:

    AMAZING list of destinations Juno!!! Where was your fav place?

  48. We are just finishing up our RTW trip and deciding what is next and stumbled on your post. Starting to wish I kept in better touch with some of the amazing people we met along the way. Fun post!

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