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July 29, 2015
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Tips for Raising Travel Funds on a Budget

Tips for Raising Travel Funds on a Budget

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do (obvious, right?) but one of the most key aspects of traveling is learning how to outline and maintain your traveling costs. We all know that traveling can take a toll on your budget – especially if you don’t prepare properly. You don’t ever want to find yourself in a situation where you aren’t able to afford your travels. Here are 3 tips to help raise your travel money so that you can be well on your way.

Outline Clear Goals
Are you trying to raise money for your non-profit to hold a conference in a remote location? Sending your hardworking staff on a training getaway? Looking for financial support to cover any addition travel costs that you aren’t able to? Whatever your campaign goal is, make sure that it’s clear to the general public. People tend to support and are even more willing to contribute financially when they are fully aware of what their money will be benefiting. The more transparent you can be, the better chance you have of raising the specific funds that you need.

Select the Right Platform
There are numerous ways to raise money, so make sure you select the option that best fits your campaign goals. Start by researching different options and then narrow your choices down by eliminating platforms that your audience may not be likely to use. You also want to make sure that whatever platform you select is easy to navigate – you don’t want to run into a situation where your supporters are unsure or turned away from trying to support because of site difficulty.

Promote, promote, promote
This is the most influential aspect of your travel fundraising. It doesn’t matter if your selected campaign outlines step by step what you plan on achieving with the raised funds or if your selected platform is easy to navigate – if people are not aware that your travel fundraising even exists, they won’t be able to help. Promoting your campaign is the most important part. Use your social media to notify and keep users updated on your campaign status and offer incentives or “thank yous” to encourage people to donate such as if they donate x amount of money, they’ll receive a t-shirt from your organization or some type of small prize. Also, reassure people that if they aren’t able to contribute, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t able to help. Encourage users to “share” your campaign link so that others who are not directly linked with you may be able to view and assist you in your travel endeavors.

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