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Let’s Explore #WinterAlaska

  The New Year is off to a great start. I’m heading to Alaska! Seeing the Northern Lights has been one of the biggest achievement in my travel history. I’ve been dreaming about the moment since I was little, and […]

Runaway Photo: The Day I Saw Northern Lights in the Arctic

Northern Lights in the Alaskan Arctic The luck came to me once, in Iceland. Seeing aurora (aurora borealis, or northern lights) was high on my list of things to do since I was a kid, and it finally happened years […]

Three Years of Bucket Living: Why I Travel

Three Years of Bucket Living: Why I Travel Three years ago today I left my engineering office for good. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen in my future, but I decided to stop being a baby and take […]

Respect Photography Exhibition is Officially Open

15 June, 2014, my photography exhibition officially opened to the public.   In collaboration with CAD Centre for Arts & Design, we are presenting inspiring stories from around the world through 43 photographs theme “Respect”. We invited local friends and […]

Scottish Highlands Road Trip Planning

Rugged terrain with thick green moss-covered rolling hills always attracted me. Iceland and New Zealand were the very definition of the mystical scenery I imagined. I loved how their landscapes showed the age of the Earth. But they weren’t the […]

I Went to Glen Coe, And This is What Happened.

Glen Coe: Where the Elves Might Be(?) Sometimes the world can surprise you when least expected. Our road trip from Edinburgh to Glen Coe, which normally takes less than 3-hour ‘in a normal driving’, took us five hours. A car […]

Five Ways to Enjoy the Ocean in 2015

I love the ocean and with so many different ways to enjoy it, whether you’re above or underneath the surface. So, with this in mind, I’ve collected five of my favourite methods of getting out onto the open water for […]

International Tourism: The Top Ten Spenders

Who spends the most? While some people talk about which tourists are the rudest or the most oblivious, here is a look at international tourism in terms of cold, hard cash. 1. China. In recent years, Chinese tourists spent 102 […]

There was Big Red

There was Big Red I’ve mentioned many times about my love of deserts (and glaciers). During my last few years of travels, I’ve visited various sand dunes, deserts, done a camel crossing, and traveled to Arctic regions. Last month, I […]

What’s Runaway Juno Up To? Mexico, Chile, Finland and More!

My plans for next few months After driving across the U.S. from Virginia to California, I flew to Jogja, Indonesia. Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference is around the corner! I’ve been working hard to make the necessary arrangements and final adjustments. […]

The Day I Saw Northern Lights in Lapland

It’s Always Sunny in Northern Lapland (Well, Sort Of) We flew to Ivalo from Helsinki. Then we drove 198km north (69.9000° N) to visit a small village called Utsjoki. There are 1,200 people living in the district, which is combining […]

72 Hours in Stockholm: The Gateway City Strategy

Seventy-two hours well spent in Stockholm 스톡홀롬 구경 잘했다고 소문나는 비법 When you’re traveling between North America and Europe, what is your favorite route? Iceland was my first choice a few years back, but now I have a new favorite: […]