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Runaway Subscription Saturday of This Week – Capture the Colour

Capture the Colour contest is up and running!    For this week’s the RSS: Runaway Subscription Saturday, I gathered five of my favourite submissions here. I also participated through my photography blog, and included on the list.   What a colourful world, […]

The RSS: Runaway Subscription Saturday of This Week

  Runaway Subscription Saturday is here! I’ve been having quite busy schedule for last few weeks, traveling through Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Here are some of my favourites of this week while I’m catching up my reading list.     […]

The RSS: Runaway Subscription Saturday of This Week

Greetings from Olomouc, Czech Republic! I experienced the worst wi-fi connection ever in Slovakia. Feels good to be back online with a strong signal! I had a busy week; traveling from Poland to Slovakia to Czech Republic. Had a short […]

The Birthday Tribute

  The Birthday Tribute   It’s my birthday today. November 1st. November has been always my favourite month, I like number one (and eleven), Scorpio is my favourite constellation and I like winter. Coincidence? Maybe.   When I determined to […]

Runaway Photo: The Day I Saw the Northern Lights

The Day I Saw the Aurora Borealis    There was a rumor around the hostel, “Tuesday will be the day for the northern lights!” I carefully watched the aurora forecast to see if that was true. I came to Iceland […]

The Dark Side of the US Customs

My flight landed at Dulles International Airport at 6:20pm, and I got out at 11:30pm. A lot of American friends have told me, the US immigration officers are the worst people to represent their country. I agree. Is it a […]

Hiking to the Active Volcano in Java, Indonesia – Mount Bromo

Hiking to the active volcano in Indonesia Have you ever thought about visiting the active volcano? Volcano is the living evidence of the life of the earth. As a science-nerd, I was always wondering what would it like to see […]

Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Long-Term Travelers

    Don’t know what to buy for your traveler friends and family?   Holiday season has come! Did you finish your holiday shopping yet? If you are a reader of Runaway Juno, I bet you are going to buy […]

The Year 2012 – Highlights of the Last Twelve Months

  What a Wonderful Twelve Months!   I’m glad the Mayans are wrong. Technically their calendar didn’t indicate the end of this world but they just ran out of a space to put the dates, and I’m very much glad we all […]

25 Don’ts in the New Year

  It’s almost a new year!   Did you write down your New Year’s resolution yet? Your personal goals? Professional achievements? I also have so many things that I want to do next year, but one of my goals is […]

When Things Make Me Happy – I’m Not Perfect

In the era of long-term travel and anti-consumerism, owning or wanting things is considered to be super lame. People romanticize the ability to put everything in one bag and travel the world for years. Because they know it’s hard. Also […]

Runaway Photo: It’s All about the People

There are so many reasons why I loved my time at the Namib Desert. Because of my special affection for deserts, it fulfilled my dream to be at one of the oldest places on earth. Also, the scenery was phenomenal. […]