The List of Fellow Runawayers

Hope you find these blogs as interesting as I do. Happy Travels!


  • 2Backpackers: Great photography, great video and great travel stories.
  • 501places : Wonderful writer, Andy shares his world. His experiences, and his articles make me think, and I love it.
  • Practical Adventurology: Empower and inspire people to escape the rat race to travel even if they have kids. There are travel resources, tips, interviews of real people travelling and an ocasional update on their own funny family life in France.
  • As We Travel : Fun view of the world, Nathan and Sofia’s great travel blog.
  • The Aussie Nomad : Chris’s World travel journal. Left from OZ… follow his adventure!
  • Backpacking Matt : One of my favorite place, New Zealand. I’m feeling New Zealand through Matt’s stories.
  • Bacon is Magic : Yes it is and I love Ayngelina’s writing. Looking for insperation? Click the link.
  • Brooke VS the world : I love the way Brooke thinks, and her articles. She’s an OZ expert as well!
  • Bohemian Trails: an online travel magazine run by travel blogger, Megan Eileen McDonough
  • Cumi &Ciki : My favorite gal pal and the best food blogger I know. Ciki’s food photography is just amazing.
  • Easy Hiker : Michael’s easy hiking stories. Who knew hiking is that easy?
  • Globe Trooper : Fun travel community. Personally I love their Logo!
  • Got Saga : Team Got Saga shares the best travel lists.
  • Isabellestravel : Isabelle’s Travel. She’s everywhere, and I enjoy reading about that.
  • I should log off : Jillian and Danny logged off and travel the world for 2 years. I really should log off…
  • Journey Woman : Who doesn’t know Journey woman? 🙂 The best woman’s travel network!
  • Land Lopers : Matt shares his unique perspective about the world. I love it.
  • Mad Traveler : One of my favorite and active traveler I know. Kevin is, everywhere!
  • Malaysia Asia : David’s story of Malaysia. I want to go back to Malaysia while reading his articles.
  • Neverending Voyage : By Simon and Erin. My favorite blog template, and enjoying their travel story.
  • No Onions Extra Pickles : Ashley’s San Francisco stories.  Love her ‘local experts’ and ‘sister city’ series!
  • The Planetd : Sweet Dave and Deb. Wonderful photography, and inspiring travel stories around the world.
  • OttsWorld: Sherry’s travel and life experiences.
  • Over Yonderlust : Shaun and Erica are wandering around in Central America!
  • Rocky Travel : Michela’s OZ travel guide. Learning OZ through her.
  • Todd’s Wanderings : Todd’s wandering stories. Love the new template and his writing style.
  • Travel Media Ninja : Josh as Travel Blogger, Community Manager, Spokesperson, Host, Social Media Consultant.
  • Travel Reportage : Giulia’s adventure. Amazing photography and inspiring stories.
  • Traveling Savage : Keith’s travel blog. He’s writing tone is ‘calm’ for me. I love reading it.
  • Traveldudes : Hands down, the best traveler’s community ever. Proud to be a part of it!
  • Vegabond Quest : Dina and Ryan have been traveling around the world since April 2009 and are still going.
  • Velvet escape : One of the best traveler and travel blog I know. Enjoy Velvet escape with Keith.
  • Wandering Earl : Earl’s wandering stories. Really fun to read his articles.
  • Wild about Travel : Simon’s beautiful stories. Can feel her warm heart by reading her article.
  • yTravel blog : Travel blog by Caz and Craig. I love their various contents in yTravel blog.